Elevate your living space and reimagine your home with our breathtaking mosaic tiles, reflecting the tranquil charm of Ubud – Bali’s spiritual epicentre. These distinctive pieces embody Bali’s rich cultural legacy and lush tropical ambience, inviting you to relish the enchantment of this Island Paradise, right within the comfort of your home.

Introducing Balistone Sanur Mosaics: a captivating symphony of colour. Immerse yourself in the allure of our meticulously crafted tiles, featuring a harmonious blend of three enchanting shades – Light, Mid, and Dark. Each colour has been thoughtfully selected and skilfully blended, with a perfect balance of 40% Light, 30% Mid, and 30% Dark, to achieve a breathtakingly natural aesthetic. Discover the artistry within each 306 x 306mm or 300 x 300mm tile sheet, where the same colour proportions are expertly randomised. This thoughtful design technique ensures a seamless and organic appearance, whether these mesmerising mosaics grace the water or adorn your outdoor spaces.




At Balistone, we recognise and value your unique vision. Therefore, we invite you to unleash your creativity and craft your bespoke design. If our standard three-colour mix doesn’t align with your aesthetic, you’re more than welcome to diverge from the norm. You can select from our wide range of colours, opting for either a single shade or a duo for a customised look – what we proudly call a bespoke design. Please note, a minimum order quantity of 500 square meters applies to all bespoke designs, ensuring we can meet your specifications with the utmost precision. Unfold your creativity and let us turn your vision into reality with Balistone.


– Chip Size 48 x 48 x 6mm / Sheet Size 306 x 306 x 6mm
– Chip Size 97 x 97 x 6mm / Sheet Size 300 x 300 x 6mm

48mm x 48mm

97mm x 97mm