Lose yourself in the magical charm of the sea with “Kuta,” our remarkable mosaic inspired by the golden sands and shimmering waters that define Bali’s iconic Kuta Beach. This seaside wonder is meticulously designed to metamorphose your pools into tranquil lagoons, infusing the warmth of sandy hues and cool blues of the sea into your personal paradise. Indulge in an unmatched aesthetic journey with “Kuta,” and let the soothing serenity of Bali’s beaches envelop your outdoor sanctuary.

kuta mosaic pool tiles in dubai

Balistone’s Kuta Mosaics artfully blend three distinct shades: Light, Mid, and Dark, harmoniously uniting them in the spirit of Bali’s picturesque Kuta Beach. We’ve judiciously curated these hues, preserving a balance of 40% Light, 30% Mid, and 30% Dark to mirror the innate splendour of nature. Each tile, precisely measured at 306 x 306mm or 300 x 300mm, retains this proportionate balance, but with a twist of spontaneity: the colours are scattered at random. This intentional design approach ensures a steady, natural aesthetic, both in and out of water. Dive into the embrace of nature with our beautifully curated Balistone Kuta Mosaics.




Unleash your imagination and design a truly bespoke masterpiece with Balistone. If you desire to deviate from our standard threecolour blend featured in the ‘Available Sizes’ column, we offer you the freedom to select your own colour scheme. Whether you prefer the elegance of a single shade or the harmony of a dual-tone combination, our bespoke design service caters to your unique vision. Please note that a minimum order quantity of 500 square meters applies to ensure we can fulfil your customised order with utmost precision. Step into the realm of limitless creativity and elevate your space with Balistone’s exquisite bespoke designs.


– Chip Size 48 x 48 x 6mm / Sheet Size 306 x 306 x 6mm
– Chip Size 97 x 97 x 6mm / Sheet Size 300 x 300 x 6mm

48mm x 48mm

97mm x 97mm