Experience the Advantage: BaliStone’s Dot-Mounted Mosaics

Our newest BaliStone Range introduces Dot Mounted Mosaics, a progressive design solution that presents several benefits over the traditional Mesh Mounted Mosaics. By combining innovation with superior craftsmanship, dot-mounted mosaics offer enhanced flexibility,
durability, and aesthetic excellence.

1. Flexibility at Its Finest:
Dot-mounted mosaics provide exceptional flexibility compared to mesh-mounted mosaics. Thanks to individual tile mobility, they seamlessly fit even on curved surfaces and corners, allowing precise adjustments during installation.

2. Strength That Lasts:
With dot-mounted mosaics, each tile makes more direct contact with the adhesive, creating a stronger bond with the underlying surface. This reduces the risk of tiles loosening, offering enhanced longevity over mesh-mounted mosaics.

Embrace the future of design with our BaliStone Range’s dot-mounted mosaics, where technological advancements meet elegance and
function. Experience the BaliStone advantage today.

Dot System

Balistone Mosaics, this new innovative dot system allows 100% better coverage of adhesive when compared to the traditional mesh-mounted mosaics.

The dot system method improves the longevity of any tiling installation.